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From the wild, to the extraordinary, to the very cultured and the sublime, Tatangelo’s Produce carry’s a comprehensive assortment of various fruits, vegetables, exotics, nuts, specialty items based on the needs and requirements of it’s valued customers.


Aside from exotic produce, we deliver all types of fruits and vegetables grown across North America. We are known as a specialty house in Toronto by many North American growers.


Tatangelo’s Produce prides itself on its robust and flexible food preparation division.

From slicing to dicing and vacuum sealed to HACCP certified container portioning we can accommodate all and any of your food preparation needs.

Why pay your kitchen staff to peel garlic or slice carrots when you can pay a fraction of your labor cost to achieve even better results?


We hand select our produce from a specialty network of different sources including, local specialty growers, the Ontario Food Terminal or imported direct from native regions. We delivered fresh to your door.

We will accommodate the logistics required to get our product directly to you in the most cost effective means possible. We do not compromise on freshness and quality, and use delivery methods which may include:

  • Air Service
  • Truck
  • Rail
  • Ocean Freight